Meet Jo

Meet Jo

Hi, thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I love the outdoors, specifically wooded areas. Nature clears the head and soothes the soul! It is with this refreshed spirit that I know ‘anything is possible’! I place my energy and focus on the solution and find there are way more possibilities than problems!

I found my voice early growing up in a large family, I have 7 brothers and sisters! Naturally affable and drawn to people I make friends anywhere I go and enjoy striking up conversation with people I meet. There is a whole world of stories and perspectives in each new person I meet and I am genuinely interested in hearing about it.

After graduating from Penn State I moved to Philadelphia and went to a Broadcasting School. I found myself behind a microphone in no short order and never looked back. I spent a whole career in talk radio and radio management, met lots of famous people and tons of ordinary people leading extraordinary lives. I learned something from each story that was shared. I am grateful to have had opportunity to provide a platform for all those stories and humbled that so many shared so freely.

I value family, friends, faith, good health and good food. My happy place is OUTSIDE! Free time is precious and I like to spend it with my husband on a bicycle, mountain biking or touring new places on our road bikes. Always keeps me smiling :). Top three epic rides so far: 7 day Ireland tour on our bicycles, riding the Alps-to-Ocean Tour from Mt Cook in New Zealand, and riding over the Pyrennes from Spain to France and back to Barcelona. Back home in the states riding Mendocino trails and camping among the giant Redwoods in California is a favorite!

It brings me great joy to help people share their message. Whether it is putting a shine on your business phone messaging, solidifying your brand with the first call, adding sparkle to corporate whiteboard and internet video messaging, or capturing attention through conversational e-learn and instructional modules, I look forward to the opportunity to work with you. 

Your message and my voice make a great pair. The possibilities are endless!

By the way, Jo is short for Josephine. Friends and family interchange both equally. Call me Jo or call me Josephine. But please don’t hesitate to call me. I’d love to meet you and take the worry out of your business messaging.