Listen Up!

There’s that old adage: God gave us two ears and one mouth so we would listen twice as much as we talk.  

Boy is that a mouthful!

These days it seems we are so deep in our own boxes and so set in our opinions that we are seemingly incapable of listening to anything or anybody. I think it would be progress if we at least met half way on that old adage and actually listened at least half as much as we talk!

Talk, Talk, Talk and Talk some more. 

The more we say something the truer it must be. 

The more we can drown out others, our talk will prevail.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way! Yet we witness this everywhere. People are so busy talking, it’s impossible to be heard. You see in order to hear anything… you actually have to STOP TALKING AND LISTEN.  

As with any skill it’s good idea to practice. 

Listening could be a new habit! 

Exercise your ear muscles and develop muscle memory. Start by being quiet and really listen and notice the sounds around you. Maybe there’s a barking dog, a lawn mower, a bird, traffic, children laughing, the rustle of the wind, the patter of rain. These simple sounds all around us can be calming to the soul and bring about an air of peaceful energy. 

It is in this space that we become calm and ready to hear. The more you practice this skill the better you will be able to sit quietly and hear what others have to say. 

Listening to others doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with them but it will go a long way to better understanding them. It is in understanding other perspectives that we are able to grow together. 

Try this! Give a picture to 2, 3 or 4 friends. Share what you see. 

It’s interesting how we each see or notice different things. It’s also pretty cool to be able to see that yellow bow that you hadn’t even really noticed. That’s perspective and it’s so important to growth and understanding! 

Listening and hearing is the essence of communication. If no one listens what is the point of talking? 

Listening is learning. 

Learning is a life-long journey. We must never stop.

My promise is to listen and understand your message before I voice it. I want to be sure I capture the essence of what you want to say. When I give voice to your words I want others to hear what you are saying.

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